The challenge

Too often, students arrive unprepared for lab sessions and have little opportunity to actively learn about the practicals they are about to perform. This can lead to a lack of confidence in the lab and a tendency for experiments to become ‘recipe-following’ exercises.

Staff time is often spent helping students get up to speed with the basic set-up and technique rather than supporting their understanding of why things are done and the underlying theory. This can result in increased time pressures, student frustration and a lack of engagement during the practical sessions.

Some techniques you only do once or twice. You don’t get a lot of practice so it’s hard to remember.
— Third Year Student, Chemistry, Glasgow

Active Learning

Preparing students effectively before they arrive at the laboratory substantially enhances the students’ learning and enjoyment of a practical course and dramatically increases the efficiency of the lab.

We have developed a large number of interactive resources that allow students to explore a wide variety of laboratory techniques and equipment.

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Questions and Feedback

These problem-solving activities and hands-on practice simulations are focused on learning objectives and provide the opportunity for students to make mistakes and learn from them.

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The resources can easily be customised to closely match your experiments and can be assigned for completion before the practical session begins.

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Key areas covered

Technicians and demonstrator staff have noted how quickly students got started initially, and how much extra time they had in the lab to concentrate on techniques and safety. I’ve noted that the stress levels and anxiety amongst the students have been reduced dramatically. Students seem to actually be enjoying learning and practice.
— Dr Ciorsdaidh Watts, Lecturer

Our resources

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