COMING SOON from Learning Science: Chemistry interactive resources

Here at LearnSciHQ, we’re working hard on developing new interactive resources to expand our chemistry library. Over the past year we’ve had requests including electrochemistry, NMR, IR and TLC resources. That’s where we’re focusing our efforts this year, and we’ve got a sneak peek for you here.

New from Learning Science: Bioscience Resources for Autumn 2018

Learning Science are pleased to announce over a dozen NEW bioscience interactive resources! Available at no extra cost in our bioscience pre-lab library, the expansion covers topics including microbiology, immunodetection, lab equipment, qPCR and more.

Find out more about what’s included in the new release here.

Learning Science Case Study: Coventry University Biosciences

Learning Science Case Study: Coventry University Biosciences

Learning Science have partnered with Coventry University to bring enhanced pre lab and post lab solutions to their bioscience students.

Find out about how they customised our Learning Science Labs: Bioscience pre-lab package to suit their lab requirements, and worked with us to develop bespoke Smart Worksheets and other auto-graded post-lab assignments to support their students engagement and understanding of practicals with detailed, timely and consistent feedback.

Adoption of digital learning resources in teaching labs: A varied state of play

First year teaching labs have variable digital learning provisions among UK universities, according to a Learning Science survey of delegates at ViCE-PHEC 2017 in York, a leading conference in chemistry and physics higher education teaching.