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Science & Education News Digest - April 2017

Welcome to Learning Science’s News Digest for April 2017.

There’s more change on the horizon in British politics as April saw Theresa May call a snap election for June. This could have implications for the Higher Education Bill – forcing it through or killing it off completely.

We consider how bots, drones and trackers could become an integral part of campus life, and how laptops in lectures, especially of the 9 am variety, could be hindering student learning.

New research announced this month include studying the smartness of squid, how viruses could purify water, and destroying the new polymer £5 note - in the name of science!

Science & Education News Digest: March 2017

Welcome to Learning Science’s News Digest for March 2017.

Among many other things, March has brought the UK Spring budget (the last one - although they’ve said that before!), International Women’s Day, arguments about TEF and “learning styles”, and research about dinosaurs and how one mistake can quickly lead to another.