5 strategies for more effective online assessments

Online assessments are an increasingly integral part of UK higher education. The potential is huge, and the possibilities growing. But digital infrastructure alone is not sufficient for effective online assessment. A foundation of solid pedagogical underpinnings is needed.

Here are five tips to enhance the effectiveness of your online assessment practices. 

 “How can I increase student satisfaction and engagement on my course?”

We have been talking to universities across the country and this one question seems to be at the forefront of everybody's thoughts. Whilst there are a multitude of ways to address this, we believe that integrating technology into your course is a great way forward.

Mid-winter ruminations on meaningful assessment and feedback.

It’s that time of year again: the students are back and embarking on the next stage of their academic programme and it’s all too easy for both staff and students to feel somewhat jaded after the Christmas and New Year break.  But for me, this is a time to reflect and to gear up for the year ahead. So, I’ve been thinking lately about the challenges we face in university assessment and ways we might overcome them for everyone’s benefit.