Is your new academic year ready for take-off?

Summer. Cricket on the radio. The scent of freshly mown grass. Ripples of laughter from distant beer gardens. And… the small matter of fixing all the things on your to-do list before the new academic year begins, and we go around again.

With the dust barely settled on the exam room tables it feels a bit drastic to be whipping ourselves into action for the new academic year to come. But as we know, the hardest part of the job is usually starting it, and the sooner we start, the easier things become.

So, if your to-do list includes ramping up your pre-lab resources or helping students cement their learning post-lab, we’d better get cracking.

Here at Learning Science we help you deliver on the big things you’re measured against. Typically, that means teaching excellence, student satisfaction and academic results.

When people ask us to explain how we can help them, we sometimes liken it to an aeroplane flight. The big objective is clear. People want to get from A to B, safely and on time.

To make that happen the ground crew make sure things are ready for a safe take off. The pilot performs the pre-flight checks. The cabin crew make sure the customers are comfortable and clearly briefed, strapped in and ready to go.

In the lab, the equivalent of this is ensuring you have staff and students who are ready for their learning journey to begin. They can operate safely, understand how they will get to their learning outcome, can see the challenges which they will face, and ultimately know what they will need to do on arrival. 

This is the essence of what we do with our pre-lab resources. We help students see what they will learn ahead of time. This makes them feel more confident in the lab and gives greater certainty they will achieve the intended outcomes within the lab time they have. What’s more,  we enable this to happen before they set foot in the lab. That means more time in the lab to actively participate in experiments and get maximum value from the practicals they perform.

On arrival, the pilot ensures a safe landing. The cabin crew keep us in our seats until it’s safe to stand. The passengers set about their onward journey with little more to worry about than making sure their smartphones have found the right time zone. In the lab the final moments are somewhat like taxiing on the runway. Essentially the important work is done, but without making it to the air bridge and into the terminal the journey is pointless.

Students must clearly understand their data and have time to calmly record and interrogate results. Using post-lab Smart Worksheets creates the time for students to lock-in their learning before they move on. And, as with our pre-lab support, we help create the time for this to happen in a clear and controlled way, freeing lab and staff time for what matters most.

If you want to help your students learn with greater clarity, we are here to help. Learning Science support is easy to embed into the way you work, but it needs to be in place before the students come back and your focus is diverted to other things.

A little time invested now in speaking to Learning Science and getting our resources embedded ahead of the new academic year will pay dividends.

You’ll find pre- and post-lab life is easier, feedback is timelier for students and ultimately both staff and students will get more from Learning Science.

If you already work with us, remember this is the perfect time to roll out the resources more widely. Which other courses could you add Learning Science to?

Contact us today to get your free trial started and be ready for the new year to take-off.