Is the sting in summer’s tail your academic budget review?

The long-awaited summer break is upon us. Here at Learning Science that means a chance to meet with our customers at lots of events and conferences, get feedback on how we help them, and to ask what more we can do to make life easier. 

One big theme we’re hearing, is that along with warmer evenings and a chance to reflect on the previous academic year, summer also means budget review time for many of you.

So, if you find yourself in a budgetary bunfight and want others to see the value Learning Science brings, what are the big things you can be talking about?  

Happier staff, more satisfied students

Customers who have been with us a while often take time to tell us about the various ways which using Learning Science as part of their academic programme pays back. The main reason people choose Learning Science is to improve student satisfaction and results. 

By readily engaging with the theoretical underpinning and practical techniques, student lab time can be made much more productive. This means they enjoy the lab more, and can develop a deeper appreciation of their results and analysis. Their overall studies are better structured to equip them with the knowledge they need to deliver results after they graduate.

It’s always difficult to put a monetary value against time, but it’s clear from talking to staff and students that digital learning resources help improve preparedness to learn, which translates into greater confidence and results at exam time. 

When your students come through the lab door knowing what the day brings, how they’ll set up the equipment and what the big challenges will be, they will naturally feel more confident. This isn’t a ‘spoiler alert’ situation. It’s not about taking the magic of discovery out of the lab. It’s about making sure every student has the greatest opportunity to immerse themselves in the science, enjoy learning and better recall what they’ve learnt when they need that knowledge again. 

And when the lab practical is done, using Learning Science’s post-lab materials further cements that understanding. If students are forced to wait a week or more for feedback and to check their results, a valuable opportunity to apply what they learn in their preparation for the next practical is lost. 

Staff also feel the benefit of a reduced marking load, freeing up their time to concentrate on improvements that really matter and to give more detailed support where their students need it. Post-lab resources from Learning Science reduce the repetitive aspects of marking, which should mean you have a happier staff team around you too. 

Easier recruitment, better retention

State of the art, modern learning resources are now expected by students who are choosing where to spend their time and pay their fees. Whilst teaching excellence and cutting-edge research will always be the big things people look at, the tools which will help prospective students learn are of increasing importance in their decision making.  

Whilst helpful to all your students, Learning Science can be invaluable to overseas students who may need to work in practical lab set-ups which were less common in their home countries. 

Retention of students is also an important aspect which we help with. Making sure a whole cohort is moving through comfortably, and people aren’t getting left behind, is easier where student results are simple to track. Spotting early the students who struggle, and giving them support, is made easier with tools like our post-lab Smart Worksheets. And after all, more students making it through to graduation is better for the department budget and a whole host of other measures your performance is tracked against. 

We’re here to help

If you are preparing for a budget review and need to make the case to add Learning Science to the way you work, talk to us. We can help you explain the payback your investment will deliver. 

We’d love to hear how we can help your students learn science and hope to see you at one of the events listed below.


Managing Director and Co-founder, Learning Science

Learning Science will be at the following events, summer 2019

1 July
Digital Transformation and Innovation in Further Education
HOW College, Worcestershire, UK

3-4 July
Horizons in STEM HE conference
Kingston, UK

6-11 July
44th FEBS Congress
Krakow, Poland

17-19 July
8th European Variety In University Chemistry Education Conference
Florence, Italy

16-19 July
SEBBM Spanish biochemical society annual conference
Madrid, Spain

22-23 August
Variety in Chemical Education and Physics Higher Education Conference, VicePhec
Bristol, UK