Biochemistry Forever: Learning Science at FEBS Congress 2018 (plus giveaways!)

From the 7th-12th July, FEBS Congress are celebrating Biochemistry Forever 2018 in the beautiful historic city of Prague.

Biochemistry is the study of the molecules of life itself; a huge topic worthy of this major event. Thousands of biochemists from all over the world are gathering together to celebrate and share in all aspects of the field: from epigenetics to extracellular matrix, proteases to photosynthesis, from synthetic biology to stem cells and so much more.


Learning Science at FEBS Congress 2018

Alongside all the important research talks and events from researchers at the top of their game, we want to remember the earliest days where most of us started: in university teaching labs. Your memories of teaching labs may be mostly positive, negative or a mix, but chances are you can remember them rather well.

Learning Science are dedicated to enhancing the teaching lab experience for students and staff. We work with dozens of universities, with a bioscience library stocked with over 70 interactive resources, as well as Smart Worksheets to dynamically support and assess students in post-lab reports and tutorial calculations.

Bill, Iain and Emily will be at the Learning Science stand ready to find out about your practical labs and how you might want to take your teaching labs to the next level. Come and have a go at some of our simulations or a Smart Worksheet and see how easy it is to add them to your courses. We'll even set you up with a free trial so you can explore all the resources in our libraries.


Free science art and a huge competition!

We have teamed up with Vivid Biology, a local artist and scientist from Bristol to provide FEBS delegates with beautiful bioscience themed badges and magnets for free, courtesy of Learning Science. We have limited supplies of these, so come visit our stand early on if you want one for yourself.

win bioscience stuff.png

For the very first time, we are also offering the chance to win €6000 worth of bioscience simulations for your organisation. Simply enter our competition, available only at the Learning Science stand! We look forward to seeing you there.