Getting Creative: Learning Science at the HEA STEM conference

Learning Science HEA conference transfer of information

We’re going to be attending the HEA STEM Conference in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, on Weds 31st January and Thurs 1st February 2018.

Judging from the draft schedules, we’re in for a busy couple of days - with talks and activities covering a wide range of disciplines within STEM.

The conference’s focus this year is Creativity in Teaching, Learning and Student Engagement, and is “an ideal opportunity to collaborate and learn from other higher education professionals within STEM disciplines and to share best practice.

We’re running an interactive workshop session on the Thursday afternoon, where we look forward to learning from and sharing ideas with you.

If you’re involved in science & engineering laboratory teaching in any way, we’d really value your presence and input. We believe you’ll get a lot out of it in return! Here’s some more information:


Session Title: Creative techniques to support your laboratory practicals: student engagement via interactive simulations, smart worksheets & more.


Session Time:

Thursday 1st February 2018; 13:15 - 14:25 (provisional)


Session Abstract:

Science and engineering teaching labs are highly valuable but major undertakings. Frequent challenges include:

  • Low levels of student preparation and engagement

  • Demonstrator time spent explaining basic principles and trivial questions

  • Heavy marking burden on staff

  • Insufficient or delayed feedback

Addressing these issues requires creativity and innovation. In this session you will explore some e-learning solutions from Learning Science which could support your laboratory practicals and enhance your students’ experience.

Interactive simulations engage students with pre-lab preparations. Focussing on lab techniques, background theory or data analysis, the simulations help students come into the lab better prepared and ready to learn, using lab time more effectively.

Smart Worksheets created for your experiments can be used as postlab assignments or dynamic tutorials. From complex calculation to multiple choice questions, Smart Worksheets provide instant, personalised feedback.

These resources can be tailored to your teaching. Once ready, they integrate seamlessly with your VLE and gradebook.


We’re also going to have an exhibition stand throughout the event, so feel free to come and chat to us.

The event’s Twitter hashtag is #HEASTEM18 - which is starting to gear up already. We look forward to seeing you there.