Save time and money with Smart Worksheets - our popular digital assessment tool.

We know that you have a lot of pressure and demands on your time. If you spend too much time on repetitive marking why not use Smart Worksheets to help?

Smart Worksheets from Learning Science are designed to improve the student experience whilst making your life easier. Students benefit from live support as they work through their assessment and the system handles the repetitive and time-consuming marking for you. The cost of implementation can usually be offset against your marking budget and can actually save you money over time.

Students say:
“I like that I can work at my own pace and that it allows me to solve problems by myself with real time answers”
“I liked seeing my results immediately. “
“It was easy to use and gave good feedback for wrong answers”
“Provides the ability to learn from your mistakes on the lab in real-time.”

Smart Worksheet used to support a titration experiment in a chemistry lab

Smart Worksheet used to support a titration experiment in a chemistry lab

    Smart Worksheets are Learning Science’s innovative digital assessment solution. They can be used to create bespoke auto-graded lab reports where your students enter data they collect in an experiment and perform an analysis of that data. At every stage the student is supported with personalised feedback and real-time hints.  

    You have full control over how the student is graded and the level of support and feedback that is given. For example, you can require your students to correct errors before proceeding, or set up attempt-based partial grading. You can provide targeted feedback for common and specific errors and even have hints pop-up while the student is typing.  Alternatively you could allow the student to complete each section in full before supplying feedback.

    Key features of Smart Worksheets:

    • Real time feedback as the student types
    • Gated cells - students must correct errors before proceeding
    • Targeted feedback for common and specific errors
    • Attempt-based partial grading
    • Customisable and configurable to the needs of your institution
    • A Skip function to aid formative learning

    Want to try one for yourself? Contact us and we will be in touch to arrange a visit or an online demo at a time that is convenient for you.

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