“How can I increase student satisfaction and engagement on my course?”

 “How can I increase student satisfaction and engagement on my course?”

We have been talking to universities across the country and this one question seems to be at the forefront of everybody's thoughts. Whilst there are a multitude of ways to address this, we believe that integrating technology into your course is a great way forward.

This opinion is backed up by a recent JISC commissioned survey of 1000 students. They found that 99% of students think that technology is becoming increasingly important in education, and 62% believe technology keeps them more engaged.

Paul Feldman, chief executive of Jisc said:

A student’s expectations of a university are shifting, they live and breathe the digital environment and seek the same qualities in their university and its staff. If an institution wants to be an effective and attractive organisation, it has to also live and breathe
the digital world.

When it comes to laboratory based teaching, many universities have embraced the digital world and are benefiting from our extensive content library of enhanced and responsive online teaching resources. With the freedom to customise each resource and assessment  to match their teaching goals and grading requirements, each university has been able to target and address their key challenges.

These challenges include:

  • Students not preparing for lab class and running out of time in the laboratory
  • Demonstrators having to repeatedly answer trivial questions in the laboratory
  • Heavy marking load for staff
  • Inconsistency in grading across markers
  • Delay in getting feedback to students
  • Low NSS marks for assessment and feedback

Do you experience any of these challenges? If so we would love to talk to you. Contact us to arrange a call.