Learning Science Sponsors Biosciences E-learning Workshop


We are proud to announce our sponsorship of an e-learning training event hosted by The Biochemical Society in London on Monday 20th March 2017.
The theme of this one-day workshop for HE educators is “Using e-learning to improve student engagement in the biosciences”. It will introduce and explore e-learning methods and technologies available to improve student engagement within physical and virtual classrooms.

The day will be a combination of talks and hands-on sessions with speakers from across the UK, including:

  • Mr Peter Alston, University of Liverpool
  • Dr Gus Cameron, University of Bristol
  • Dr Pamela Scott, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Peter Klappa, University of Kent
  • Dr David Smith, Sheffield Hallam University

Specific topics will include virtual labs, apps in Higher Education, personalised e-learning tools, e-portfolios and personalised audio feedback. 

For ten years (as of March 2017 - stay tuned!), Learning Science has been developing online interactive learning resources. We support discussion and innovation within this field and are therefore very happy to be sponsoring this event. 

The workshop runs from 10am - 4pm at Charles Darwin House, London, WC1N 2JU. It’s FREE to Biochemical Society members and £90 to non-members. Registration closes on March 13th. 

If you are attending, we look forward to meeting you - feel free to introduce yourself. Whether you can make it or not, check back on the Articles section of our website after the 20th March for our post-event review.