Case study - Bristol ChemLabS


Bristol ChemLabS, a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the University of Bristol’s School of Chemistry, had the vision to bring innovation to their undergraduate laboratory courses.

Learning Science helped the ChemLabS team to explore available technologies and establish the scope of what could be achieved. We worked closely with Bristol to create a cutting edge online tool; transforming teaching and learning across the entire undergraduate syllabus.

The ChemLabS DLM has transformed the laboratory experience for chemistry undergraduates at Bristol.
— Prof. Nick Norman, Head of the School of Chemistry

With academic teams, students, administrators and lab staff all contributing to the project,
Learning Science developed a range of solutions that went far beyond initial expectations.

The result was the Dynamic Lab Manual (DLM), containing hundreds of resources to support student learning. The project won the Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year, and set the standard for best practice in lab teaching.

The DLM is hosted in the University’s virtual learning environment and allows students to explore and practise experiments before and after lab sessions.

Accessible on any device with an internet connection, the DLM contains an extensive set
of interactive simulations and a complete video library of practical techniques, as well as
pre-lab assessments and safety tests.

One of the main innovations has been to shift the balance of work done outside the laboratory to
before rather than after the practical class. Students are much better prepared and therefore more confident.
— Bristol ChemLabS website