A world-class team of scientists, web developers, designers and learning specialists.

Our strength comes from a unique combination of subject knowledge, expertise in designing and developing interactive resources and an in-depth understanding of teaching and learning. We engage learners with professional, interactive resources that are highly effective and scientifically rigorous.

Interactive HTML5 simulations and complex animations.

Interactive HTML5 simulations & animations

In-house graphic designers.

In-house graphic design

Video production, filming, editing and after effects.

Video production, editing and After Effects

User interface and user experience design.

User interface and user experience design

Scientific copywriting and question authoring.

Scientific copywriting and question authoring

Compliance with industry standards

Web standards and accessiblity compliance

Story-boarding and content authoring.

Storyboarding and content authoring

Mobile, browser and learning platform technologies

Mobile, browser and learning platform technologies

More than labs...

We work with universities, academic publishers and professional scientific and medical organisations, offering a complete service that can turn the seed of an idea into a highly effective digital learning resource.

Educational websites

We develop inspiring educational websites for learners of all ages, combining professional web development and graphic design with expert input from in-house scientists and engineers.


Digital publishing

We are assisting academic publishers to create the next generation of digital learning tools. Dynamic simulations and advanced learning activities are transforming traditional publications into cutting-edge, interactive, learning experiences.


Our innovative and captivating activities are inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists. We are specialists in communicating complex ideas to a non-specialist audience using simulations, animated videos and interactive experiments. 


Supporting continued professional development, we combine our skills in creating effective learning resources with your expert subject knowledge to develop precisely tailored e-learning, perfect for self-study courses and in-work training.

Some of the organisations we work with